gratitude hike cubaOn Friday November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving, a group of friends, neighbors, out of town guests, and family participated in a “Gratitude Walk” to enjoy and be thankful of the beauty of the Cuba area and the work of the volunteers who build and maintain local hiking trails. The walk took place on the Fisher Community Trail, which was created by the Step Into Cuba Alliance on land adjacent to Cubita Road (1 mile north of the NM 197 junction) that was donated by the Fisher family. The trail, which is about a mile to the top, follows contours of the side of the tree-covered mesa uphill and downhill until it crosses a large arroyo. It then climbs to a ridge leading to a corner of the Santa Fe National Forest. During the walk, group members exchanged information about local history, geology, and wildlife. At the top of Cuba Mesa, they spotted both a red-tail hawk and a golden eagle while taking in the incredible view of sandstone cliffs, the Nacimiento Mountains, and the Village of Cuba. The participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to walk in the wilderness so close to the center of Cuba.